Price List

The Consortium applies Taxi Fares affordable and competitive ; proposing a rates also allows you to quantify in advance, with the utmost simplicity and transparency , the taxi cost in relation to your travel needs.

Taxi Alghero offers a special discount of 10 % for female persons on taxi fares night and pre- night ( facilitation applied in case , enjoy the service only to females ) and a special rate with a 10% discount for persons 65 years of age and older , for the rates arising from the City .

The following Taxi Fares for Taxi Service Day Care , Pre- Night and Night

Taxi Ride Fee
  • Day-shift service (7.01 – 22.00) 3,00€
  • Pre-Overnight service (22.01 – 24.00) 5,00€
  • Night service (00.01 – 07.00) 4,20€
Costs and extra charges

First 10 Km 1,80€/Km (Night service +40%)
More than 10 Km 1,30€/Km (Night service +40%)
Minimum travel departing from the city 7,00€
Minimum travel departing from the Alghero’s Airport 15,00€
Extra charge for every additional person (beyond two) 0,50€
Extra charge for every luggage 1,00€
Extra charge for holiday service 1,00€
Extra charge for 1 (one) hour stop 22,00€
Service out of the municipal territory Free negotiation

  • 10% discount on city ride for people with age greater than or equal to 65 years
  • 10% discount for persons of the female sex not accompanied by the other sex on city ride in pre-overnight service and night service (from 22.01 to 07.00)